I have been fascinated with alternative medicine for most of my life and devour any information I can find. Especially after the damage side effect of prescription medicine did to one of my siblings. One of the most exciting modalities to have been discovered in human history is frequency medicine discovered by Tesla in the 1920’s then further explored by Royal Rife and many others only to be suppressed by the government and pharmaceutical industry. This is truly a crime.

Using frequency to destroy disease, pain, and neurological issues is much like an opera singer who can shatter a lead crystal glass. Along with quantum computing and AI, this medicine is having alarming success and even seen as miraculous but with the FDA still on guard against anything that is not under pharmaceutical patent this information is slow to be exposed to the mainstream and the people who do desperately need it. As such the cost for these devices are pretty high. With more people purchasing these devices the price will come down and the technology will get better and better which I am super excited about! Now come Healy frequency therapy.

By introducing currents into the body, Healy is designed to bring the cell voltage back into the healthy (physiological) range. These currents are very low, they are in the range of a few microamperes. The most important criterion for this type of therapy is that the currents are applied in the form of suitable frequencies, which is why this type of therapy is also called “frequency therapy.”

The real working capital in frequency therapy is Nuno Nina’s theory and experience of which frequencies are needed for which disorders. Healy contains in its programs the knowledge and experience of many years of practice with thousands of patients.

It’s easy, fast and fun! After just a few minutes you will start to feel its effects. Check out this 2 minute video!

Fortunately Healy has now been certified, approved and cleared by FDA here in USA for over the counter sales.

My goal is to educate people about this device and get it into the hands of as many people as possible.

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My goal is to educate people about Healy frequency therapy device and get it into the hands of as many people as possible so they can get the desired health relief.




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