Caring For Tiera, now and in the future.

Caring For Tiera, now and in the future.

Tiera McQuater a vibrant, vivacious young mother is facing an unknown, challenging future at this time.

Six months ago Tiera and her dad, La Tabaa Tyrbouslu or “T”, we're heading up to Park City when they hit black ice and tumbled 200’ off the freeway into a ravine. Regaining his wits after the severe impact, T somehow climbed and stumbled up that steep slope and finally got help.

Tiera was extricated by the jaws of life, and she was immediately flown to Salt Lake. Three surgeries and multiple procedures later, she is still in the ICU on a respirator. Her spinal injury is up high, and she hasn’t been able to feel much below her chest since the accident. Last night we were ecstatic because she could feel her left hand, stomach, and thighs; tonight she can’t feel anything again, and they say it will come and go.

She has some great doctors who are thinking they have done all they can at this time. They will work to either get her off the respirator and breathing on her own or onto a trach with the hope that it won’t be permanent. Tiera has a beautiful young daughter to care for. Needless to say, she may need assistance in many areas of life, including caring for her daughter, for a very long time. We are preparing for her to come home and looking into alternative modalities and supplies that we are going to need for her continued care.  

Tiera is a fighter and won’t give up. Our prayers and beliefs are that she will not only walk but also dance again. It won’t be easy and it will take a lot of time. Of course, prayers are always welcome, and any contributions for her rehabilitation would be muchly appreciated.

Be blessed and thank you for stopping by to learn what we’re passionate about. 

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A few months ago, Tiera McQuater and her dad La Tabaa Tyrbouslu or “T” we’re heading up to Park City when they hit black ice and tumbled 200 off the freeway into a ravine. 3 surgeries and multiple procedures she will need assistance for a long time




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