Your parents always close.

Your parents always close.

Families staying in one of the Ronald McDonald Houses soon feel at home there. They can just relax in front of the TV or in an easy chair, cook, sleep, read. It is just like home. In addition to a private room, the family can use a common living room and kitchen. And in many cases, they can even use a garden. The Ronald McDonald House is much more than just a roof. Parents in the House often receive a lot of support from each other.

How does a Ronald McDonald House work?

Just like at home, parents take care of their own family. They do their own shopping, cook FOR themselves and keep their own room clean. The House is led by a small management team, the only paid employees of the Ronald McDonald House. In addition, a large group of volunteers takes care of the ins and outs of the House. They receive the parents, offer a listening ear and ensure that the House is clean and cozy. The volunteers are present seven days a week, 365 days a year. Without their commitment, the Ronald McDonald Houses could not exist.

This is why I want to help.

Our help is essential! The Ronald McDonald Children's Fund receives no subsidy and is completely dependent on donors, sponsors and volunteers. Yours! Would you like to do something for sick children? Organize an action, participate in HomeRide or give a gift. With € 60 you can make an overnight stay for an entire family within walking distance of the child in the hospital. In this way, you ensure that a family can be together when they need each other the most. Every contribution counts. Thank you for your help!

Where are the Ronald McDonald Houses?

There are twelve Ronald McDonald Houses in the Netherlands. They are located at all academic hospitals, a number of regional hospitals with a supra-regional function and at a rehabilitation center.

The Ronald McDonald Houses make 68,597 overnight stays possible for 7,625 families each year (figures 2018).



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If you are sick, you want your parents to be as close to you as possible. And of course as a parent you don't want to leave your sick child alone for a minute.




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