Give to support those who lost everything in the Tornados that devastated Middle Tennessee

Give to support those who lost everything in the Tornados that devastated Middle Tennessee

On the night of Monday March 2, 2020 many families in the Middle Tennessee area went to bed not knowing the devastation they were about to experience. Unfortunately, several would not be alive to see the sun rise the following morning.

Tornados traveled through several counties and over 200 miles through West and Middle Tennessee. At one point it is estimated a tornado touched down and devastated a path of more than 50 miles before dissipating. Hundreds lost their homes and businesses. 24 people lost their lives.

More than 600 poles holding power lines must be replaced in Nashville alone. The cleanup will take weeks if not months or years to complete. The number of communities that sustained damage is staggering.

It is inspiring to hear all the stories of neighbors and strangers helping each other during this great time of need. Tennessee is known as the Volunteer state and through my 60 plus years of living in Middle Tennessee, I have seen this countless times. This tragedy is no different. The community of volunteers offering food, drink, assistance, finances, or just a shoulder to cry on has been incredible to behold.

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee has set up a relief fund to help families across Tennessee who were affected by the tornados. Many agencies supplying relief will benefit from donations made to this cause. This is a very worthwhile cause and I would appreciate your support to help my neighbors in need.

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At least 24 are dead in the wake of the terrible Tennessee tornadoes of March 3, 2020 . They tore a large path across Middle Tennessee in the dead of night.




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