Family Caregiver Health Assistance

Family Caregiver Health Assistance

I was a family caregiver for 12+ years, and took care of my elderly parents in my home.  My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2005.  My parents were 9 years apart in age, and each had their own health issues. 

My dad had congestive heart failure, had an artificial valve in his heart, 2 knee replacements, and was unable to walk or stand for more than around 10 - 15 minutes, but was mentally very sharp. 

Aside from Alzheimer's, mom had high blood pressure and thyroid issues, but was physically strong and loved to take daily walks.

When caring for elderly, things can be fine one moment, and quickly unravel and become life-threatening, so it's important to develop a good relationship with their doctors, and keep a keen eye to changes in their behavior and ablilities.

I am a huge advocate for natural methods of healing and health.  I believe nutrition plays a key role in the level of our health and how the body responds to health challenges.  As a person ages, their immune system becomes more compromised, and leaves them more susseptible to disease.  

The Healy medical device is a new FDA approved device for pain.  However, it does a lot more than just that.  It can tell you what nutrition deficiencies you have, if there is an issue with certain organs or systems of the body (such as bladder, for example), and is therefore very useful not only for the caregiver, but also for the loved one they are caring for.  It comes loaded with 120,000 programs using frequencies for everything from stress (VERY common among caregivers), energy, allergies, food intolerances, etc.

The Healy device is a way to make health very personalized, and with practitioner support, it is ideal for family caregivers.  I wish it was available during my caregiving years!

My vision is to provide a Healy device to family caregivers at no or little cost to them.  Healy is valuable, but it can be out-of-reach for many caregivers.  That is why I am compelled to create this cause.  It is very much needed by family caregivers and I want to provide it to as many family caregivers as possible!

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To provide family caregivers with a Healy medical device to help the caregiver take care of themselves as well as the loved one they are caring for.




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