Passionate Musician needs funds to record album

Passionate Musician needs funds to record album

I'm 64 years old, but still have the dream and passion to create something I hope many people can enjoy. I've been playing in bands (mainly rock) since the age of 14. I took a 20 year break from music to raise a family and unfortunately lost a child along the way. I needed to get back into music again and got together with my long-time bass player. We bought some recording equipment and went to work in his basement. While laying down the tracks for the first album, we looked for a vocalist that would complement our style. We found Donovan and finished up the album.

The tracks are sent to our producer in Vancouver who does some work on them and then he sends them to the drummer we chose who lives in Morinville. The drummer lays down the drum tracks in his own studio and sends them back to Vancouver. We decide if there are any changes etc. that need to be done and if ok, then the tracks are sent to Winnipeg for mastering. During this time we are doing the artwork for the CD cover. Once we have the finished tracks, we send them out along with the artwork. The CD sleeves are made and the CDs are pressed. We finally receive our finished shrink-wrapped product ready for distribution. We also make them available on iTunes, Spotify and many other sites.

During the recording of our 2nd album, I was diagnosed with lung cancer and given 6 months. We finished the album while having chemo and radiation. Surgery was scheduled. The cancer had also attached itself to one of the main nerves going down my left arm (fretboard hand) and it had to be severed. Now I can really only play with 2 fingers since the others do not have feeling in them. While recovering we worked on and finished our 3rd album - I just had to learn to play differently. 

Of course, I was forced to retire when I was diagnosed, so funding is very limited for me now. We are working on our 4th album but will not be able to have it produced unless we can get funding from other sources.

So, if you are donating to my cause, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity!

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I need funding to create a professional rock album. Although I'm 64 years old, I still have the dream and passion to create something I hope many people enjoy.




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